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Overview The new functionality allows web-service to identify the vehicle not only by VIN/FRAME and vehicle parameters (year, model, etc) but also by the special parameters/vehicle identificators which are unique for each catalog

Attention! This info block is important for those who have already implemented Laximo.OEM reference system in their web-sites or accounting/ERP systems.

Scope of the web-service changes

Service development team extended Laximo.OEM reference system functionality of vehicle identification. Due to it the order of informing the clients about service functionality of vehicle identification (see: ListCatalogs, GetCatalogInfo) was changed. Also new function ExecCustomOperation was added.

New option "custom search", which is unique for each cataolg was added to the service functionality of vehicle identification. This new function let the user to choose the values corresponding to the search area in the definite catalog, via translation of the related attributes into the functions ExecCustomOperation. E.g. version of the catalog Nissan (04,2015) supports vehicle identification by oval underhood label specification

Changes in the order of informing about service functionality of vehicel identification (see: ListCatalogs, GetCatalogInfo) relate to the structure of web-service response to these functions.

Previous version

Informing about that the vehicle could be identified in the definite catalog was executed by the translation of the parameter "true" for attirbutes:

  • supportframesearch (catalog supports vehicle identification by frame number)
  • supportvinsearch (catalog supports vehicle identification by VIN)
  • supportquickgroups (catalog supports fast search function by group/detail name)
  • supportparameteridentification2 (catalog supports vehicel identification by parameters)

Informing about the examples given for vehicle identification was executed by the translation of definite values for attributes:

  • vinexample (example of VIN code for the definite catalog)
  • frameexample (example of the frame code and number for the definite catalog)

Current(new) version

The web-service returns the information about whether the vehicle can be identified in the definite catalog as well as about examples of VIN/FRAME codes for vehilce identification inside the responce of the web-service, section "features": The same way information about whether the vehicle can be identified via custom search function is returned inside the responce of the web-service, section "<operations>".

See: example of the web-service responce GetCatalogInfo.

What should be done to get the update

For the correct work of the updated web-service Laximo.OEM you should update the library PHP (скачать PHP-библиотеку). See also: instruction for the implementation of additional vehicle identification methods.