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Use the login and the key for authorization and authentication.
If the login and the key are expired or not valid, the system will not be able to establish connection to the service.
If the presence of the user with the following login and key is successfully validated, the login and the key can be used to filter the access to the data.
More: Laximo_Web-services/Work_principles

Service controls the following request parameters:

* Which catalog is used to query: 
 ° If you are performing a function that returns a list of catalogs, 
   those catalogs that are unavailable/inaccessible to the user won't be presented in results. 
 ° If you try to access to other functions addressed to the unavailable catalog - 
   an exception E_ACCESSDENIED will be generated (further details in Error handling).
* Which function is used to query:
 ° If a user does not have an access to the function -
   the entire request fails and an exception E_ACCESSDENIED will be generated (further details in Error handling).
Functions of Laximo web services

General information

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