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The list of all manufacturers.

Function parameters

Parameter Mandatory Description
Locale - Localization language

Returning data

Column Data
manufacturerid Unique manufacturer ID
alias The list of the manufacturer name's synonyms.
name Manufacturer name

Признак оригинальности

Warning.gif Note! Given list of the returning data is not full and can be extended any time.

Sample of request


Sample of service response

    <row manufacturerid="4463" alias="GP [GERMAN PARTS]" name="GP-GERMAN PARTS"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="2344" name="HOLDEN"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4410" name="SAN"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="84" alias="マツココウギョウ" name="MATSUKO"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="88" alias="ジャパンリビルト" name="JAPAN REBUILT"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4412" name="TOWA"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4413" name="DEAWOO"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4414" name="ROV"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4415" name="KRAEMER &amp; FREUND"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4416" name="EDER"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4417" name="TOPLINE"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4418" name="AUTOWELT"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4419" name="SARD"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4420" name="CLOYES"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4421" name="ROCKY"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="90" alias="ナイルスブヒンハンバイ" name="NILES BUHIN HAMBAI"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="91" alias="ニホンワイパブレード" name="NIHON WIPER BLADE"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4423" name="FORD USA"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4424" name="GUD"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4425" name="MITSUBISHI LONSDALE"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4426" name="JAG"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4428" name="EUROREPAR"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4429" name="ROLLS-ROYS"></row>
    <row manufacturerid="4431" name="BOSNA "></row>

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