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Details/parts search


Search of the details includes the following functions:

  • FindOEM - provides auto details search by OEM, also with additional function of Brand naming
  • FindReplacements - provides search by crosses of the second level
  • FindDetail - provides search by detail ID

Search by OEM (article) and the search by ID (identifier)

Searching by - OEM(article) or by - ID (identifier) of the detail you must specify the amount of the desired information.
That is whether you want to see information about crosses, images etc.
Using both, OEM-search or ID-search, you can find the same amount of information.

Crosses are shown in tables that are grouped together.
If you don't name the brand, in results you will see several sections of crosses for different brands.
Searching by ID, brand will be always identified, so there will be only 1 section.
Searching by OEM and brand name, in case the system can't find details for a certain brand, the brand synonyms search will be used.
Brand synonyms are shown in their card.

Search by the crosses of the second level. Type of connection.

Search by crosses of the second level allows you to analize connections presented in database, and based on this,
add up some additional possible connections that were not explicitly met in data sources.
These are the following types of connections existing in the system:

  • "Part-whole" - one of the parts is an integral part of another
  • "Double-sided replacement" - two-way connection
  • "Tuning" - one-way connection. Example: there is a tuning spark plug suitable for different cars, and there is also and NGK spark plug that crosses with the tuning one - not the other way round,
    i.e. tuning spark plug can't be crossed with the NGK spark plug.
  • "Replacement(substitution)" - equivalent part from the same manufacturer but with different number.
  • "Duplicate" - a part from the third party manufacturer that replaces the detail of the required manufacturer.

The difference between manufacturers is determined on the level of brand names. Thus, Lexus detail can be a Duplicate for the detail of TOYOTA

  • "Synonym" - completely interchangeable parts from one and the same manufacturer, having the same crosses

There is always a specified direction of connection for all crosses.If this direction coincides with the current one, i.e. connection goes from the detail requested to the one given in results, it's considered to be a "forward" connection.
On contrary, if the direction of connection goes from the detail given in results to the required detail, it denotes inverse connection. In case both types of connections exist, we call this connection as "two-way connection".

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