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Alternative type of vehicle identification

Function parameters

Parameter Mandatory Description
Locale + Language, preferable for receiving the data
Catalog + Catalog code from the list of the catalogs. If this code is not specified the search is processed in all catalogs
operation + Variant code of the vehicle search, it matches to the attribute "name" from CatalogInfo/extensions/operations/operation
<код поля> +

<значение поля>

All the values ​​entered by the user are sent to the search

Returned data

Parameter Obligatory Description
vehicleid + Vehicle ID in the catalog
name + Catalog name, if possible, on the requested language
ssd + Server data
brand + Brand
catalog - Catalog code, if the search is performed by VIN, not specifying the catalog

Examples of possible attributes:

Parameter Obligatory Description
model - Vehicle model code
grade - Grade
transmission - Type of transmission/gearbox
doors - Number of doors
creationregion - Manufacturer's regional code
destinationregion - Region of distribution code
date - Vehicle's Manufacture Date (YYYYMM)
manufactured - Vehicle's Manufacture Year (YYYY)
framecolor - Frame color code
trimcolor - Interior color code
datefrom - Modification manufacturing period
dateto - Modification manufacturing period
frame - Frame code
frames - Frame codes list
framefrom - Frames range
frameto - Frames range
engine - Engine code
engine1 - Engine code
engine2 - Engine code
engineno - Engine numbers range
options - List of options, if possible, on the requested language
modelyearfrom - Years of model release
modelyearto - Years of model release
modification - Modification
description - Description

The table with examples of possible attributes corresponds to the case, when the request parameter Localized=true. Otherwise, name disappears for the attribute data of subsidiary collection, and key and value are written at the level of part.
Warning.gif Note! Given list of the returning data can be extended anytime, while improving and updating the Web service.

Sample of request


Sample of the service respone

    <row brand="PEUGEOT" catalog="AP1211" name="406 ПОСЛЕ РЕСТАЙЛИНГА" ssd="vin@VF38BLFYT80940534" vehicleid="1PD9">
        <attribute key="bodyStyle" name="bodyStyle" value="4-ДВЕРНЫЙ СЕДАН"/>
        <attribute key="manufactured" name="Выпущено" value="AM 2000"/>
        <attribute key="engine" name="Двигатель" value="1.8 i 16v 112"/>
        <attribute key="date" name="Дата выпуска" value="28.09.1999"/>
        <attribute key="trimLevel" name="trimLevel" value="УРОВЕНЬ 1+"/>
        <attribute key="transmission" name="КП" value="КПП 5"/>
        <attribute key="vehicleBrand" name="vehicleBrand" value="ПЕЖО"/>
        <attribute key="paintType" name="paintType" value="ОКРАСКА МЕТАЛЛИК"/>
        <attribute key="vehicleType" name="vehicleType" value="ЛЕГКОВОЙ АВТОМОБИЛЬ"/>
        <attribute key="trimColor" name="trimColor" value="" FZ""/>
        <attribute key="vehicleFamily" name="vehicleFamily" value="406 restyl"/>
        <attribute key="destinationRegion" name="destinationRegion" value="(F)"/>
        <attribute key="interiorTrimType" name="interiorTrimType" value="ТКАНЬ INEA " GJ""/>

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General information

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