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Get a list of catalogs that are available to the user.

Function parameters

Parameter Mandatory Description
Locale + Язык, in which it is preferable to recieve data
ssd + Server data

Returning data

Parameter Mandatory Description
code + Unique catalog code. The given code must be used for further access to the service.
icon + Name of the catalog icon, "toyota.png"
brand + Name of the brand (catalog) in capital letters
version + Catalog version, for example, "08.2009"
name + Catalog name, if possible, on the requested language
supportframesearch - Whether the catalog supports vehicle identification by frame. Typically used for the Japanese market. Use features/feature с именем framesearch instead of it.
supportvinsearch - Whether the catalog supports vehicle identification by VIN. Use features/feature with the name vinsearch instead of it
supportparameteridentification2 - Whether the catalog supports vehicle identification by parameters. Necessary for operations GetWizard2/FindVehicleByWizard2. Use features/feature with the name wizardsearch instead of it
supportquickgroups - Whether the catalog supports vehicle identification by groups. Use features/feature with the name quickgroups instead of it
vinexample + Sample of VIN code for the catalog given. Use features/feature with the attribute example instead of it
frameexample + Sample of code and frame number for the catalog given. Use features/feature with the nthe attribute example instead of it

The features section contains a list of standard options that are supported by the system among them:

  • vinsearch - search by VIN by the FindVehicleByVin
  • framesearch - search by frame number and code by the FindVehicleByFrame
  • wizardsearch2 - the vehicle search by parameters by the GetWizard2, FindVehicleByWizard2, GetWizardNextStep
  • quickgroups - search of auto parts by group code by the ListQuickGroup, ListQuickDetail

The extensions/operations section contains a list of additional operations supported in the catalog.

Parameter Mandatory Description
name + Name of operation. It must be transferred to the ExecCustomOperation.
kind + Operation type. At the current moment only the vehicle search is supported (search_vehicle).
description + Name of an operation in the required language

Warning.gif Note! Given list of the returning data can be extended anytime, while improving and updating the Web service.

Information.gif - The outdated parameters are indicated by red color.

Sample of request


Sample of service response

        <row brand="PEUGEOT" code="AP1211" frameexample="" icon="Peugeot.png" name="Peugeot" supportquickgroups="true"
             supportvinsearch="true" vinexample="VF38BLFYT80940534">
                <feature name="vinsearch" example="VF38BLFYT80940534"/>
                <feature name="framesearch" example="GHH-34345"/>
                <feature name="wizardsearch2"/>
                <feature name="quickgroups"/>
                    <operation name="chassis" kind="search_vehicle" description="Поиск по шасси">
                        <field name="param1" pattern="[\w\d]{17}" description="parameter 1"/>
                        <field name="param2" pattern="[\w\d]{17}" description="parameter 2"/>
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