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Catalog search

Catalog search - one of the variants of how to begin the auto parts selection.


Functions available:


These functions provide information on the supported features of the catalog, such as:

Also, these functions return the examples of VIN / Frame numbers for a particular catalog.


Function ListCatalogs gives further information on the relevance of this catalog.
After you upgrade catalog to a newer version, previous versions support does not stop, they become archived versions of the catalog.
However, in the list of catalogs, there will be only new, recently updated versions of the catalogs.
Old versions remain available as the links of the catalog preserve identifiers from a specific catalog version.
i.e. each individual link of the catalog is applicable only to that version in which it was created. Therefore, we still preserve access to the old links.

Functions of Laximo web services

General information

Work principles Security Catalogs localization Catalogs update Error handling
Laximo.OEM Catalog search ListCatalogs,GetCatalogInfo
Vehicle search FindVehicleByVIN, FindVehicleByFrame, FindVehicleByFrameNo, FindVehicle, GetWizard2, GetWizardNextStep2, FindVehicleByWizard2, GetVehicleInfo, ExecCustomOperation
Unit search ListUnits, ListCategories, GetFilterByUnit, GetUnitInfo
Searching details in the unit ListDetailByUnit, ListImageMapByUnit, GetFilterByDetail
Quick search of details ListQuickGroup, ListQuickDetail
Laximo.Aftermarket Parts search FindOEM, FindReplacements, FindDetail, FindOEMCorrection
Manufacturer ManufacturerInfo, ListManufacturer
Libraries and samples of Laximo web-services use
the library for PHP
Library use samples Change of the behavior and appearance of the catalog elements
Examples of overriding the default behavior of classes to display the data in html
Example of crosses obtainment with LaximoAftermarket
Work with catalogs in the context of catalogs list's display
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