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Example of overriding the default behavior of the classes to display data in html

Standard problem necessary to solve - integration with the online shop.
To solve it, a DrawDetailCellValue function, that displays the detail's table cell content, gets overridden in the details list.
If the function displays the column cart, it embeds its link for adding the detail to the cart.
For other columns the display algorithm by default is used.

In the following sample you can see the integration with VirtueMart via special page
that checks the presence of the detail in the VirtueMart online shop, and register it prior adding, in case of its absence.

class GuayaquilDetailsListEx extends GuayaquilDetailsList
	function DrawJavaScript()
$html = '<script type="text/javascript"> ';
		$html .= 'jQuery.noConflict(); ';
		$html .= 'jQuery(document).ready(function($){ ';
		$html .= '$(\'a.g_cart\').colorbox(); ';
		$html .= '}); ';
		$html .= '</script> ';
$html .= parent::DrawJavaScript();
return $html;
function DrawDetailCellValue($detail, $column, $visibility, $replacement, $haschild, $isArray)
		//If it's a column with "add to cart" button, override its content
		if ($column == 'cart')
		$link = 'index2.php?option=com_guayaquil&no_html&view=addtocart&r='
                .strtr(base64_encode('o@'.$this->getProperty($detail, 'oem', $isArray)
                .'|n@'.$this->getProperty($detail, 'name', $isArray).'|p@'.$this->getProperty($detail, 'price', $isArray)), '+/', '-_');
			return '<a class="g_cart" href="'.$link.'">
                               <img class="g_addtocart" src="'.$this->cartimage.'" width="22" height="22"></a>';
//Use standard formatting for the rest columns
		return parent::DrawDetailCellValue($detail, $column, $visibility, $replacement, $haschild, $isArray);

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