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Error handling

The error message contains its text code and the additional information about the source of the error.

Format: <Error code>:<additional info>

Error code Additional information Description
E_INVALIDREQUEST Неверно сформирован запрос к Веб-сервису.
E_INVALIDPARAMETER Parameter name. Invalid parameter's value in the request to the web-service.
E_CATALOGNOTEXISTS Catalog code. Catalog is not registered in the system.
E_UNKNOWNCOMMAND Transmitted command name. Unknown command.
E_ACCESSDENIED Catalog code or function name. Access denied.
E_NOTSUPPORTED Catalog code or function name. Function is not supported by the catalog.
E_GROUP_IS_NOT_SEARCHABLE Search by group is disabled due to an excessive number of units included into the group.

Functions of Laximo web services

General information

Work principles Security Catalogs localization Catalogs update Error handling
Laximo.OEM Catalog search ListCatalogs,GetCatalogInfo
Vehicle search FindVehicleByVIN, FindVehicleByFrame, FindVehicleByFrameNo, FindVehicle, GetWizard2, GetWizardNextStep2, FindVehicleByWizard2, GetVehicleInfo, ExecCustomOperation
Unit search ListUnits, ListCategories, GetFilterByUnit, GetUnitInfo
Searching details in the unit ListDetailByUnit, ListImageMapByUnit, GetFilterByDetail
Quick search of details ListQuickGroup, ListQuickDetail
Applicability GetOEMPartApplicability, FindApplicableVehicles, FINDPARTREFERENCES
Laximo.Aftermarket Parts search FindOEM, FindReplacements, FindDetail, FindOEMCorrection
Manufacturer ManufacturerInfo, ListManufacturer
Libraries and samples of Laximo web-services use
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